Embark on an adventure into the wild heart of Panamá to join three intrepid explorers as they immerse themselves in new places, new faces and new flavors for an unforgettable week of epic experiences.

  • Marianela-Pereyra-2

    Culture, Customs, Cuisine

    Meet free-spirited Marianela as she travels from the country's bustling capital to the banks of the Chagres River to meet the indigenous Emberá People.

  • Amar-Latif-5

    A Feast For The Senses

    How does a blind adventurer hike to the top of a volcano? Join Amar, a fun-loving and spontaneous adventurer pushing his limits to the max to take on experiences that will challenge his senses.

  • Phil-Calvert-1

    Taking The Plunge

    Explore Panama's idyllic islands with Phil, the curious traveler. From snorkelling in Bocas del Toro to fishing off the coast of the Pearl Islands, non-stop excitement awaits.




Sometimes unplanned experiences leave the biggest impact. Three open-minded travelers head into the wild heart of Panamá to discover what lies around the next turn.